Activities & interesting places

Explore the countryside

Countryside holiday at Syke

Syke organizes countryside holidays, offers B&B services and caters events. There you can play mini golf, experience smoke sauna or go mountain biking.

Back to the Nature

Enjoy nature's peace at Sydänmaankylä

In Sydänmaankylä you will find nature and harmony. You might also follow mountain biking trails and make a relaxing visit to the heart of Finland.

Icelandic horses

Guided hiking trips with Icelanding ponys

Have an unforgettable experience on Icelandic horses. Päivin Issikat organizes tours, safaris, recreational days, excursions and camps for businesses and families.

Events at Kärsämäki

Activities & culture all year round

Kärsämäki is famous for its diverse cultural heritage and numerous events for all the generations. One of the events targeted mostly for families is the children's agriculture exhibition.

Tradition in architecture

Kärsämäki shingle church

The church is a modern construction with traditional methods. The buiders were mostly volunteers and they closely followed the 18th century construction methods. The church has become an international tourist attraction.

Church from the 19th century

Engel's beautiful cross-church

The main church of Kärsämäki is a cross-church designed by architect C. L. Engel from 1842. This beautiful roadside church, is untypical of Engel's style- it is a worthy destination to visit as well.

Home of happy people

Evening Market during the summer months

There are several good reasons for visiting Kärsämäki, or even staying for good! It offers excellent opportunities to enjoy the closeness of nature. Hundreds of events take place in Kärsämäki all year round.

Enjoy exercise

Activities from kayaking to frisbee golf

Leisure services e.g. maintains track and field, baseball and other sports fields . They also take care frisbee golf tracks and rent canoes.

Try archery

Archery at the intersection & in the wild

Try something new and exciting! The local archery club provides archery lessons and tours for everybody.